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Bates Motel

Norma Bates was the domineering mother of Norman Bates. After Norman murdered her, he developed a tenet of his personality that was based on her, which led him to murder.


At the age of twenty, Norma gave birth to her son, Norman. When the boy was an infant, his father abandoned the family, leaving Norma to raise Norman alone. The two lived in a state of codependence and, unbeknownst to Norma, her son became a secret transvestite, imitating her in the process.[1]

When Norma was thirty-nine, she met Joe Considine, with whom she soon began a relationship and insisted that Norman refer to him as "Uncle Joe." The couple built the Bates Motel together and made plans to marry. Following this proposal and an incident in which Norman walked in on the two having sex, the boy became jealous. He poisoned Norma and her lover with strychnine and posed the scene as a murder-suicide perpetrated by Norma, to the extent of writing a suicide note in her handwriting. In the note, Norman claimed that Norma committed the act because of a pregnancy and Considine's wife on the West Coast.[1]

Following her death, Norman formed a murderous personality facet based on his mother, which was jealous of Norman and would take over whenever a "crisis" arose. When this personality took over, he would dress up as her and imitate her voice. Norman's "normal" personality would have alcohol-induced blackouts whenever "Mother" would take control. In his "normal" state of mind, Norman would have conversations with "Mother" as if she were still alive.[1]

Norman additionally stole his mother's corpse and maintained it the best he could.[1]


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