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Milton Arbogast was a private detective hired by Tom Cassidy to find Marion Crane after she absconded with $40,000.


Arbogast initially appears to Sam Loomis, suspecting that he was sheltering Marion. He arrived coincidentally at the same time as Marion's sister Lila Crane, who was also looking for her. After asking Sam and Lila a few questions, he promised to contact them if he finds a lead and left. Arbogast traced Marion to Fairvale and the Bates Motel, where he interviewed Norman Bates. He knew something was fishy about the place and the story that Bates told him. When he tried to investigate the Bates House he was murdered by Norman in his "Mother" persona. His body was dumped in the swamp on the Bates property. Lila and Sam later followed to his last known position, the Bates Motel, where his body was later found by the authorities in the ensuing investigation and interred.