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Romero tells Norma he'll help her. Norman and Emma decide to go to the winter dance as friends. Norma reveals to Norman a secret: when she was a teenager, her brother forced her to have sex with him. At the dance, Norman repeatedly eyes Bradley, causing a heartbroken Emma to storm out and Bradley's boyfriend to punch Norman. Miss Watson offers to tend to Norman's injured eye. Norma witnesses Romero shoot and kill Jake. Miss Watson goes to her room to change, completely visible to Norman. A hallucination of Norma convinces Norman that Miss Watson is seducing him. Norman rushes home; he tells Norma that Miss Watson was going to drive him, but the next thing he remembers is running home. Miss Watson's corpse is shown with her throat slashed, wearing a "B" necklace, hinting that she might be Bradley's father's secret lover.



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