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"She left home on Friday, I was in Tucson over the weekend and I haven't heard from her since, not even a phone call. Look, if you two are in this thing together, I don't care, it's none of my business but I want to talk to Marion and I want her to tell me it's none of my business and then I'll go.."

Lila Crane to Sam Loomis worrying about the whereabouts and status of Marion Crane

Lila Loomis (née Crane) was Marion Crane's sister. She worked as a buyer for the Music Makers Music Store. She later campaigned against the release of Norman Bates, her sister's murderer.


When Marion went missing with $40,000 that she was to have deposited in the bank for George Lowery, Lila guessed that she may have gone to Fairvale to be with her boyfriend, Sam Loomis. Lila went to see Sam who had not seen Marion. She and Sam then pursued their own investigation with the help of Milton Arbogast.[1]

Lila and Sam checked into the Bates Motel posing as husband and wife and discovered evidence that Marion had stayed there. Lila then snuck into the Bates house and discovered the corpse of Norma Bates. Her snooping had not gone unnoticed, as she was then attacked by Norman, who was in a dress and had earlier knocked out Sam in a fight. However, Lila was saved by Sam, who recovered and entered the basement of the Bates house in the nick of time, restraining Norman.[1]

She was at the police station when Dr. Fred Richman explained how Norman Bates's psyche had been split into two personalities.[1]

Sometime later, Lila married Sam Loomis and they had a daughter they named Mary in honour of Marion. Lila followed the story of Norman Bates' rehabilitation and when he was released 22 years after Marion's murder, she protested. She and her daughter then began a quest to drive Norman mad once again.[2]

Lila and Mary took turns calling Norman, pretending to be his mother. They also dressed up as Norma Bates and left notes for Norman so that he would question his sanity. When Lila planned to dress up once more, she was met by Emma Spool inside the Mother costume in the fruit cellar of the Bates House where more than 20 years ago, she first met "Mother".[2] At the sight of Mother, Lila screamed in fear for her life but Emma in an attempt to silence her, stabbed Lila through the mouth, going out the back of her throat, slowly but surely killing her. During Norman and Mary's Altercation, Norman accidentally reveals Lila's body under a pile of coal



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