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John Hunt was sheriff of the Fairvale police department when Norman Bates was released after 22 years in an institution.

Hunt told Lila Loomis that he was keeping an eye on Norman and also that he had been a deputy when Sheriff Al Chambers arrested Norman 20 years earlier. Hunt was a staunch supporter of Norman's; believing that Bates was cured. Hunt and his team discovered the bodies of Warren Toomey and Josh in the swamp on the Bates property. He believed that the two men were victims of Lila and Mary Loomis.

Hunt was present when Deputy Pool shot and killed Mary Loomis to save Norman's life (Psycho II).

When Tracy Venable showed up in Fairvale and began asking questions about Norman Bates, Hunt stood up for Norman and told the reporter to stay away from him. When Patsy Boyle went missing from the Bates Motel, Hunt had no choice but to question Norman and search the premises.

Later, Hunt was very disappointed to find that Norman had indeed murdered again. He told Norman that he'd made a fool of him (Psycho III).