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Dylan Massett
Dylan Massett.jpg
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Portrayed By Max Thieriot
Gender Male
Born 1930
1992 (Bates Motel- timeline)
Age 21
Status Alive
Mother Norma Bates
Father Caleb
Brother(s) Norman Bates
Daughter(s) Kate

Dylan Massett is the half-brother of Norman Bates and son of Norma Bates in Bates MotelHe goes to live with them after they buy the motel due to his being unemployed; however, he gets a job in the nearest town, secretly guarding an illegal weed field. Norma was raped for years by her older brother Caleb Calhoun. Dylan is the product of that incest. He was raised to believe Norma's first husband John Massett was his father.


Young Adulthood[]

Unemployed and with nowhere to live, Dylan sought out his mother, Norma Bates. Norma and her teenage son, Norman Bates, had just purchased the Bates Motel following the death of Norma's husband (and Norman's father). Norma reluctantly accepted Dylan into her new life. Dylan's feelings about his mother were negative, as he was bothered by the fact that she engaged in more than one relationship frequently. Dylan did everything within his power to spite Norma, such as using her overprotectiveness of Norman against her. He also threatened to talk about her dead husband, Sam, and always referred to her by her first name.

Dylan soon got a job in the mysterious town surrounding the motel. He told nobody that this job was guarding an illegal weed field. Norman viciously tried to attack Dylan after Dylan insulted their mother, but Dylan survived (by punching Norman in the face) and Norman barely remembered the event. 

Later, Dylan met Norma's newest love interest, Deputy Shelby. Dylan was clearly displeased by Shelby's being there. He started to act as more of a "big brotherly" type to Norman, advising him to respond to a text message from Norman's female friend Bradley by going to her house. Dylan also learned from Norman that Norma had killed Keith Summers in self-defense. He then confronted Norma about her manipulative ways toward Norman. They had an argument, but were interrupted by a knock at the door. Norma went downstairs and was arrested for the murder of Keith Summers.

The next day, Dylan was in the car with his friend Ethan until a drug addict appeared. The addict drew a pistol and shot Ethan in the neck. Dylan drove Ethan to the hospital. Later that night, Dylan saw that same addict on the road while he was driving. Vengefully, he drove his car head-on at the addict. Dylan ran the man over, killing him.