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Connie Bates is the wife of Norman Bates and mother of their unknown child.  

Marriage to Norman[]

Connie worked as a nurse. After Norman Bates was released from custody and declared cured he married Connie. Sometime later Connie had gotten pregnant. The natural anxiety of parenthood had caused Norman's suppressed personality to reemerge. He was fearful the child would grow up with the insanity that tainted the Spools, or matrilineal side of his family. He first thought of ending his own life, but could not bear the thought of being a posthumous father. He then decided to kill his wife and child.

Connie's birthday fell during the early months of her pregnancy. Norman convinced Connie to come to his old home where he would have a birthday surprise for her. In actuality, he was planning to kill her. However, Connie stopped him by proclaiming her love for him and convincing him not to do it as their child will not be a monster. Encouraged by her moving words, Norman then had her leave the house. He then set fire to the house, ending the nightmares of Norma Bates. As they fled the fire, Norman said he would care for Connie and their baby-to-be. The film ends with a baby's crying over the fade to black, presumably marking the baby being born.