Connie Bates is the wife of Norman Bates and mother of their unknown child.  

Marriage to NormanEdit

At an unknown time, Connie married cured murderer Norman Bates and became pregnant with his child. Fearing that his child would carry on the insanity that had plagued his family for so long, Norman eventually fell victim to his own mental illness and decided to kill Connie and the unborn baby.

As his birthday present, Norman convinced Connie to come to his old home where he was planning to kill her. However, Connie stopped him by proclaiming her love for him and convincing him not to do it as their child will not be a monster. Encouraged by her moving words, Norman then had her leave the house as he burned down the source of his childhood unhappiness, finally ending the nightmares of his mother Norma Bates, and lived a good life with Connie and their child.

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