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California Charlie
Psycho charlie.jpg
Portrayed By John Anderson
Appearance Psycho (1960)
Affiliations California Charlie's

California Charlie was a used car salesman. He owned his own business called California Charlie's.

When Marion Crane stole $40,000 and headed to Fairvale, she stopped to trade in her car with Charlie. He noted that it was the first time a customer ever high-pressured a salesman because she was in such a hurry. Charlie ordered his mechanic to inspect Marion's old car. Satisfied that it was in good condition, he sold Marion one of his cars for $700. The reason for Marion's hurry, however, was due to the fact that she was being surveyed by a law enforcement officer she had earlier met on the backcountry roads. Although the highway patrolman was called away on a more pressing issue, Marion was nervous he would find out about the theft. Later, as Marion was driving in her new car, she imagined California Charlie being interrogated by the policeman, who in her mind demanded to investigate the recent sale he had made.